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Information about KCAA's Web Site

This is the web site for the Kennel Club of Anne Arundel, Maryland. The site is maintained by the Webmaster. If you find any missing or broken links or any incorrect information on the web site please let me know.

Membership Roster

Member's names, phone numbers and email addresses are stored on the KCAA server in a "bot-proof" encrypted format. They are only decrypted to real phone numbers and email addresses at the instant you load the membership roster web page. This way, our list is immune to web crawlers and the like that are constantly seeking to add to their SPAM lists.

Email addresses

If you are a committee member or volunteer needing to receive email from the KCAA web and do not want your personal email address posted on this web site, just contact the Webmaster and I will set you up with a KCAA address. There are two different types of KCAA email and you can have whichever works best for you:
1. Email sent to your KCAA address automatically gets forwarded to your normal/personal email. The sender does not get to see your personal email address unless you reply to them.
2. A full KCAA email mailbox which is completely independent of your personal email. You will be given directions how to access it through a webmail system.

As a note, email addresses published on this website are maintained on the server in a bot-unfriendly format, helping to prevent them getting found by SPAM bots.

External Links

This website includes links to websites that are external to the KCAA web site. These links are provided on this web site for your convenience only. These external web links are beyond the control of KCAA and we are not responsible for their content. KCAA does not endorse any businesses, contacts, services or products linked from this web site, and you use the links at your own risk.

Third party links can change. Therefore, if you find a link that does not work, or the third party web site has material that is offensive or contrary to the ideals of KCAA, please let the Webmaster know - thank you.

Website History

KCAA first went online in August 2009 as www.KCAA-MD.com. At that time we had a simple HTML-based web site that provided information to our members. As time passed, the incidence of SPAM and hacking became worse, and so, from about 2014, the web became more heavily coded to reduce the effectivenes of crawler bots. Critical data are now stored on the host servers in an encrypted format, and as a consequence the incidence of SPAM has gone down significantly. The website now relies heavily on HTML, php and javascript, and to a lesser extent on other technologies.

During the rebuild and coding effort, we also introduced a number of resources. These include announcements about dog food recalls, and a variety of tools to help with show scheduling.

In January 2016 we moved to a new domain name: www.KCAA.club This new domain name is easier to remember, and for the keyboards on some mobile platforms you no longer have to search for the hidden 'dash' in our old domain name! The old domain (KCAA-MD.com) will remain active until early 2018, but after that date it will not be available.

Copyright & Fair Use

All of the material on this web site including, but not limited to, photographs, graphics, text and web page source code, is protected by copyright law and specifically is not in the public domain. The copyright for all materials on this web site remains with the original creator of the material, or copyright owner if this is different. All of the source code and supporting files/data for the website are copyright Colin Ratcliffe. None of the material may be copied, modified, published, posted on other web sites, or reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of the Webmaster, KCAA. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Unauthorized use may violate copyright and/or other laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.

If you wish to use any of this web site's content your initial contact must be to the Webmaster who maintains copyright information for all the web content. You will usually be given permission for it's use, providing the use is not contrary to the aims and ideals of the Kennel Club of Anne Arundel. Fees for use may be waived if the use is exclusively for non-profit or charitable reasons. Permission must be obtained in writing or email from the Webmaster, KCAA before you use the material.

Driving Distances and Times

None of the drive times or distances posted on this web site take into account traffic, breaks or detours. Your drive times may be significantly different from those posted here.

There are two different sources for the information:

IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE TABLES OF SHOW INFORMATION, the time in the "Drive Time" column is either based on actual times (for approx 100 sites the webmaster has visited) or is calculated using the driving directions in Google Maps. The start point for these times is central Anne Arundel County (ZIP 21108, Millersville).

IF YOU ARE ON THE "How Far is the Dog Show?" WEB PAGE, you can personalize the departure and arrival points. The distances and times shown on the page are generated by the Google Maps Distance Matrix API. Each time you visit this page, the start location will be the last one you used (so put in your home address!). The final location will be the city and state of the dog show. You can change EITHER OR BOTH of these locations. The address format can be anything that Google Maps understands.


The content on this website, and any comments or views expressed, are those of the Webmaster and other site contributors, and do not necessarily represent the views or policy of the Kennel Club of Anne Arundel or its members. While the Webmaster makes every effort to ensure the content posted here is accurate and in agreement with the ideals of the KCAA, there is no endorsement as to its accuracy or suitability for any purpose. The Webmaster, the KCAA and its members, or other contributors to this website shall not be held liable for any error, omission, defect, delay, computer problems (including viruses, SPAM, etc.) or any other problem associated with or caused by the content of this website.

Errors, problems or concerns should be addressed directly to the Webmaster.